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The Archive Expedition line invites you to explore the undiscovered depths of the Archive.

During a typical year of research and development, roughly 20% of the seeds created at Archive Seed Bank are fully tested, evaluated, and released. The other 80% are grown internally at Archive but enjoyed only by the breeder himself. They have not been made available to the public, as they are not as thoroughly vetted for release due to a lack of available space and time in other breeding projects.

Now for the first time ever, the Archive vault is being opened to all through the Archive Expedition line. The unrealized potential of these untouched seeds is an incredible opportunity for any grower with a hint of curiosity. Despite the unknown reasons why these lines were retired, all have a keeper waiting to be found.

So hunt the Archive and find yours.

RESTOCK 11/9/2021

All seeds are while supplies last.

If an item is on the restock list and is out of stock, then it was restocked and has sold out.

More restocks will be coming before the end of the year with much of what many of you have been asking for.

We appreciate your patience.

Want to learn more about the Planet Purple F2 Male #144
used in the Planet Purple Line?