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The Potion

Sex: Regular – 12 seeds 

Archive’s very first hybrid made in 2004 was a sativa slammer, the Malawi Gold x 95’ NL5 x Haze F2, from the days when Sativas ruled the connoisseur market. Metallic old school POTENT African Haze hybrid that will put a brain wollop to anyone willing to take her on. Heavy, good yielding massive trichome encrusted haze buds, but without your typical haze smell. She smells nothing like Jack Herer, etc.. it 100% pissy metallic African Sativa haze smell and flavor. Leaves the room smelling so unique, it’s unmistakable the distinct afterflavor and smell. The Dosidos tames the sativa beast in the Malawi NL haze and makes for a faster flowering, but massive yielding and very vigorous plants. For all the sativa lovers out there, this is the perfect mix made for you. Potent uplifting classic haze hybrids that are worlds apart from your typical dutch haze mixes. Something completely new, and unlike that typical sweet lemon dutch haze.