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Planet Purple F2 Male

The Planet Purple F2 Male #144 (Sunset Sherbet x Dosidos) x Moonbow) has proven to be an excellent pollen donor through the last 8 months of testing.


He lends superior resin formation on nearly everything he touches.  The resin density and trichome head size of the resultant progeny almost always exceeds that of the mother plant used.  Which is just one of his many amazing attributes.  This first trait has led to us finding many plants providing superior solventless hash returns.  A conscious effort was made to find a male that could lend a lot more performance for solventless extracts, while retaining the rich aromatic compounds in hybrids that Archive Seed Bank creations are known for.  There is also a significant vigor and bud size increase with the Planet Purple F2 #144 male, which is always a welcome addition to any line with many similar or inbred parents on both sides of the equation.  In certain hybrids, the dominance of some of the inbred traits will manifest themselves in “OGKB” esque “mutant” plants.  Some of these, while slower in vegetative state, can be vigorous and overwhelmingly impressive when flowered.  Do not toss the odd ones.  The general terpene expression of the #144 male, when hybridized, is an extremely deep and dank old school soapy chemical OG pine sol Indica expression with background hints of skittles and earthy Gelato/Sherbet.  Potency is up there with the best of the best.  Multiple 6%+ washers and 30%+ testers were common amongst the lots, even with mothers that typically do not yield high test progeny.


His influence type will be dictated most by the mother used, a trait that we find appealing.  When hybridized with other “dessert” flavored Strains, the Z/Sherb terpene expressions will dominate in the progeny, without the weak and undesirable growth of the “dessert” strains.


When hybridized with high octane fuel varieties like OG, GMO, and Chem, the fruity nuances all but fade from most phenotypes, and dominates with a fierce gas tank, chemical, high octane skunky vaporous odors on top of earthy kushy Indica tones.  The rare 20% of the fuel-y hybrid phenotypes will retain much of a similar terpene expression as the original Moonbow #99 and #133 F1 Phenotypes.  A delectable mix of OG, Kerosene, and fruity chemical floor cleaning agents.


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